Policy wordings

Please click here for Public Liability policy wording

Please click here for Professional Indemnity policy wording

Please click here for Personal Accident policy wording - only Section 2 (Personal Accident) is operative

When reviewing the policy document please can you note the following:

Warranties: If you breach a warranty, the Underwriter’s liability under the policy shall be suspended from the time of the breach until the time when the breach is remedied (if it is capable of being remedied).

The Underwriter will have no liability to you for any loss which occurs, or which is attributable to something happening, during the period when the Underwriter’s liability is suspended.

Conditions Precedent to Liability

Failure to comply with any Conditions Precedent means Underwriters’ liability is discharged, meaning Underwriters would not be liable to pay any claim which would otherwise be covered.

Please contact First Step urgently if there are any Warranties or Conditions Precedent to Liability with which you can not comply